Summertime Skincare Is Easy With BlackBox Cosmetics…

Sun-Guard SPF 30 is designed to protect your skin from extended sun exposure, while feeding and fortifying with advanced antioxidant nutrients. Like all BlackBox Cosmetics’ products, Sun-Guard is loaded with Vitamin C & our proprietary skin-healing Superfruit & botanical extract complex that protects and heals sun-damaged skin. There are so many wonderful nutrients, it’s packaged in an airless container to help preserve them.

Unlike most skin care products, Aloe Vera is our #1 Ingredient, not water. It is toxin/paraben-free. All the good ingredients are in Sun-Guard, without the bad. Sun-Guard goes on silky smooth and has an incredible scent of the tropics unlike any sunscreen product you have ever used before.

Your Body Potion order includes one large 9.25 ounce bottle of product in addition to our product applicator massager. At BlackBox Cosmetics we have devoted years to developing thermogenic body-fat and cellulite-reducing products. Now with a new scientific breakthrough in skin-toning and fat-reduction, our incredible combination of thermogenic ingredients and skin penetrating enhancers, we introduce this amazing product! Unlike other toning and body fat-reducing products, Body Potion tricks the body’s fat cells into a safe nontoxic state of exercise. Fat cells shrink and the body responds with the loss of inches, better definition & tone, and a reduction in cellulite. When used in combination with exercise, results are even more dramatic!


Nature’s Repellent lotion is DEET-free and is the perfect blend of the most effective botanicals we tested. Botanicals are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that are beneficial to our skin, as well. Unlike other insect repellants (natural or otherwise), our product smells terrific.

Order one or more of these products today and start experiencing the difference of all-natural (and never tested on animals!) BlackBox Cosmetics can make in your life. Use Sponsor Code SH1349 when checking out!